• CMS Webdesign
    CMS Webdesign

    We build impressive websites with modern Content Management Systems. So our clients can easily manage the content of the website by themself later on.

  • webuco

    webuco is a German web agency focused on Webdesign, Onlineshops and Search Engine Optimisation.

  • Online Survey

    We set up professional online surveys based on your individual requirements.

Magento Onlineshop


You need a Magento Shop? We will set it up!check it out

Online Marketing


You want more people to visit your website? We can support you!check it out


We offer individual workshops for Joomla! ans SEO.check it out


Professional Webdesign with CMS.check it out

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Online Survey

An online survey is an ideal alternative to face-to-face or telephone interviews. An online survey is cheaper and can be implemented faster.

We design surveys according to your specifications, take care of the implementation and execution, and the subsequent evaluation.

Online surveys can be used for various applications such as:
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Employee survey
  • Trainings and seminars (eLearning)
  • Market research
  • ...
Online Umfrage

We realize quick and inexpensive online surveys for all applications. A variety of different question types can be used (multiple choice, free text, ...). The results are post-processed graphically.

The advantages of an online survey are obvious:

  • cost-effective (no print or porto costs)
  • fast implementation
  • No collection and evaluation of paper forms
  • Easy and extensive analysis of the results
  • Graphically Presentation of the results

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webuco realisiert mit Magento einen exklusiven Onlineshop für Koffer und Taschen
Koffer und Taschen online 

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webuco übernimmt in Kooperation mit Inveteq die Suchmaschinenopti-mierung für enrisma Risikomanagement Software