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    We build impressive websites with modern Content Management Systems. So our clients can easily manage the content of the website by themself later on.

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    webuco is a German web agency focused on Webdesign, Onlineshops and Search Engine Optimisation.

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    We set up professional online surveys based on your individual requirements.

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CMS for SME, CMS-Webdesign

The acronym CMS stands for Content Management System.
CMS is also used as a acronym in the case of a web content management system. I.e. a system for managing Web content. The special thing about a CMS is the separation of content and design. Therefore the content (e.g. text, images, files ,...) can be edited in a simple way without dealing with the design and programming of the web page. For this purpose modern CMS offer convenient editors, where the look and feel is similar to office programs.

Therefore a CMS is ideal especially for SMEs to setup a homepage. Lateron the client can edit the content by himself without the need for further support from the webdesigner or internet professional.

A CMS is therefore also ideal for the realization of a website for self-employed (doctors, lawyers), real estate companies, small medium enterprises (SME), hotels, ...

Modern CMS also offer the possibility of multilingual websites. As an additional service we offer also the translation of content in other languages like German.

There are a variety of commercial and free (open source) CMS on the market. Especially as a CMS for SME offers a open source solution for cost reasons. We of webuco rely on Joomla!, the most popular CMS since years.

For a brief overview of Joomla! click here.


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